Halal Certification Guidelines

Please review our guidelines prior to submitting an application.

**Note: We do not accept any gas stunning**


ISWA Halal Certification Department Abides by the Following Standards which are included in our guidelines:


Singapore: MUIS-HC-S001 and MUIS-HC-S002



GSO 2055-1

GSO 2055-2 (incorporating ISO 17021 and ISO 17065)

GSO 993

FAD 4 and FAD 12

For the applicants sending products to the GCC countries, all raw materials have to be from a plant with GSO approved raw material sources.  Contact us separately to inquire.

Malaysian Standard: JAKIM    MS 1500: 2009 Standard


Indonesia: MUI


ISO 9001

ISO 19011

ISO 22000 PRP

Halal Methodology

Halal Law

Halal Principles