Halal Schemes Offered



Category Code






Processing 1 (Perishable animal products)

Beef, Poultry (chicken), Fish, Cheese Enzymes, etc.


Processing 2

(Perishable vegetable products)

Dried Pepper, Peanuts, Dates, etc.


Processing 3

(Products with long shelf life at room temperature)

Isotonic Drinks, Date Syrup, Processed foods, Snacks, etc.


Chemical and Biochemical manufacturing

Dietary supplements; cleaning agents; processing aids, Lubricants, etc.


Other materials manufacturing

Cosmetics, etc.



Our certification is recognized worldwide and can be used to send your products globally.

**Note: We do not accept any temporary immobilization by gas aka gas stunning (CAS)**


In order to become Halal Certified please refer to the steps below:

Application Fee: There is a $100 non-refundable, non-transferable application fee to submit an application for Halal Certification.  Each plant/facility must pay a separate application fee.

1) Visit our website and thoroughly read through the guidelines at to ensure that your company is able to meet all requirements prior to submitting an application.

2) Click on the application tab (which is the current page you are on) and completely fill out the online application form. Make sure you attach all ingredients list, animal/meat sources (if applicable), and/or any other certifications (i.e FDA, Organic, Kosher, ISO).  We must check that your items do not contain any Haram (unlawful) products in them. They should be uploaded in the section which asks for the Halal certifications for all meat sources, there you attached ingredients lists and etc.  While filling out the application, whatever sections do not apply to you, please write N/A.

For all further processors, your raw material cannot come from a plant which does Gas stunning (CAS).
For the applicants sending products to the GCC countries, all raw materials have to be from a plant with GSO approved raw material sources.  Contact us separately to inquire.

3) The decision committee reviews new membership applications once a month

4) The following week after the decision committee meeting you will be notified if your facility has been provisionally approved and the invoice for the membership fees are sent.

5) If you have been provisionally approved, you will contact us and schedule an initial audit/inspection.  Audit/Inspection charges include flight, car rental, hotel, and daily inspection fee.

Companies which send their products to the GCC countries (Arabian Gulf Countries) will require
two auditors for the audit as per GSO requirements.  One technical auditor and one Islamic Affairs Expert auditor.

Certification for countries sending to the GCC countries is on a 3 year cycle:

Year 1: New

Year 2: Surveillance

Year 3: Renewal- the renewal process will begin 6 months prior to the expiration date.

All others will be on an annual basis.

As stated in our terms of service (attachment is located on the bottom of the webpage), once your application has been approved we have up to 6 months to conduct the audit/inspection.

6) The inspecting officer reports back to the membership committee after the audit/inspection is complete.

7)  Invoices for inspection or any other fees are sent.

8) Paper work including halal certificates are sent after all payments are made.

9) Please note that to keep in good standing with your Halal certification, annual testing is required.  Visit our testing site for more information: Testing

10) Also, audits are not done one-time.  Audits are done throughout your certification process to remain in good standing with your certification.  Inspection schedule and frequencies will be discussed when the inspector visits.

Application Fee: There is a $100 non-refundable, non-transferable application fee to submit an application for Halal Certification.  Each plant/facility must pay a separate application fee.

Costs can be emailed to you.  Please email us at if you want to receive a copy of the costs for certification.

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