About Us

ISWA Halal Certification Department is managed by the USA Halal Chamber of Commerce, Inc. which is an internationally and domestically recognized full service commerce and professional certification body that is dedicated to promoting Halal  business and understanding of Islamic  dietary compliance.  The chamber facilitates dialogue between industry and consumers.

The USA Halal Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is under the supervision of the Islamic Society of the Washington Area (ISWA) which ensures compliance with all Islamic Dietary and Shariah Laws.


ISWA is funded exlusively by client payments for certification services.  We do not take any public funding.


ISWA Halal Certification Department Abides by the Following Standards:


Singapore: MUIS-HC-S001 and MUIS-HC-S002



GSO 2055-1

GSO 2055-2 (incorporating ISO 17021 and ISO 17065)

GSO 993


Malaysian Standard: JAKIM


Indonesia: MUI


MS 1500: 2009 Standard


ISO 9001

ISO 19011

ISO 22000 PRP

ISO 9001

Halal Methodology

Halal Law

Halal Principles


Our certification is recognized worldwide and can be used to send your products globally.